Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Although we dedicate a month to Breast Cancer Awareness, we all know that breast cancer can hit at any time.  It is unforgiving and there are still so many unknowns about this incurable disease. This month’s blog is dedicated to those that have lost someone to breast cancer, our survivors, those that are fighting the disease, and those that are fighting alongside them.

As I mentioned above, this is currently incurable, but there have been strides in methods to fight the disease, which is why we need to continue to push research to find a cure. Until then, knowledge is power and we need to be aware of “the things” that can make us more vulnerable to breast cancer.   

For starters, the products we use.  Skin and hair care products are our passion, so let’s talk about them. Since we have been impacted personally by the “c” word, we have done a lot of research on the ingredients that go into these two product lines.  

First of all, any product you use is absorbed into your skin, which in turn, enters your bloodstream. The chemicals used in your hair care products are getting into your bloodstream.   So be aware!

So let’s think hair care – we are talking about relaxers, conditioners, shampoos, serums, hair color/dye, the list goes on!  Most of us think that if it’s on the shelf in our favorite retail store, it’s been approved and is safe for use.  Unfortunately, that is not the case!  According to an article in Women’s Health from Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing, at the Federal level, products are only tested for short-term problems, such as skin irritation. That’s a bit concerning! Now, everyday products, as I am sure you know, build up over time on your hair – imagine what it could be doing as it builds up over time in your body.  Hair color/dye – there are definitely some serious chemicals in those products. Remember last month’s blog about embracing the gray? Yeah, another great reason to ditch the hair coloring idea!

What about your skincare products?  SAME THING!  Also absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream – makes sense, right?  You want that delicious, yummy moisture to penetrate into your skin to take away the dryness – well guess what, it’s going more than skin deep!

So next time you are looking for your hair and skin products, read the labels!  Make sure you know what is in the products!  A general rule of thumb – if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it’s most likely not good for you!  Find a safer alternative.

The studies are numerous and bottom line is that you are responsible for taking the necessary steps to reduce your cancer risk as much as possible.  There are companies out there that truly care about the quality and safeness of the ingredients they put into their products.

We are one of them!  Look at our ingredients – you can read and understand what they are!  We know firsthand how cancer affects not only the individual but their family, friends, and community.

We sincerely hope that this information has given you a little more knowledge (and power), to take charge of what you put on your body – whether it be from your hair care products or your skincare products.

We want you to be safe, healthy and know that the products you use have been developed with care and concern for what you are absorbing in your body.