About Us


Our Why:

MikTu Natural’s goal is provide meaningful self care & make you feel and look your best from the bottom up! We do this by providing superior quality non toxic foot care products. At the same time, we are committed to setting an example of giving back into the communities served by local grassroots cancer organizations. 

As a person with Eczema and a Mother who is a Cancer Survivor, I wanted products that both we and our customers can use with confidence. We want to make a difference in people's lives by products that have ingredients that you can trust.


Charitable Giving:

Charitable Giving at MïkTu Naturals is designed to help the local community! Each quarter our team will choose a local grassroots non-profit organization to receive a percentage of our sales. We understand that larger organizations tend to have larger global financial support, however we want to be able to give back in the ways that are important for those who live and work directly in these communities. MïkTu Naturals wants you to know that your purchases do have a positive impact on those around you.


For You:

Your skin is with you for your entire life and it's important to love it. MïkTu Naturals' products are luxurious for for total foot care. We use only the best ingredients that nourish and protect - from plants like essential oils, shea butter, to vitamins A & E. Trust in our process because MïkTu Naturals takes care of your skin from head to toe by only using natural and non-toxic ingredients.  All you have to do is dive into our nourishing products aimed at giving back love where it isn't receiving enough while also contributing towards quality whole body care  Our goal is to use non-toxic ingredients which are the foundation of our products and your body deserves the best..from The Bottom Up!