Keep on Steppin'

Did you know that dry skin is common in the summer and not only the winter? Why you ask? Between chlorine, air conditioning, and sun exposure dry skin common complaint especially on your feet. The skin on your feet has fewer oil glands than the skin found on other parts of the body. Daily moisturizing routine could be on your way to having smooth, moisturized feet is great for appearance and is important to promote healthy skin. Let’s not forget the confidence to show them off.

Scrub a Dub Dub
Dry skin is common on the surface of our feet. Before applying your moisturizer, give yourself a real spa treatment at home, using an exfoliator such as a pumice stone to shed that dry skin. For the best results, apply your favorite moisturizer Keep On Steppin' Moisturizing Foot Balm moisturizer immediately after.
Moisture Forever
When it comes to dry skin, it’s important to stay hydrated on the inside, and to hydrate your skin on the outside. This is where Keep on Steppin' Moisturizing Foot Balm moisturizer comes in. Foot creams are absorbed by the skin, helping it to retain its own natural water in the outermost layer. Moisture provides a barrier, protecting your skin from everyday elements. Nourishing ingredients found in Keep On Steppin' Moisturizing Foot Balm moisturizer are great combatants for treating dry feet. Use after a foot scrub, or just after a shower, to keep your skin hydrated and lock in moisture.
Keeping On Stepping
There’s no need to let dry skin on feet frustrate you anymore. Introduce a simple moisturizing routine to keep your feet looking soft, healthy, and ready to hit the streets and Keeping On Stepping with confidence.